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A little about Rohan Cutlip

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Rohan Cutlip is American Zimbabwean artist from Washington DC. He first dove into the world of entertainment working with Danai Gurira and Gale Anne Hurd’s ALMASI COLLABORATIVE ARTS charity. In an incubator of actors, playwrights, and incredibly talented artists Rohan was directing a web series, producing, acting, and writing. His time in Zimbabwe allowed him to reconnect with his roots and determine his artistic perspective on the stories he wanted to create.

Rohan went on to get my BFA in Acting from CALARTS. Since then, He's worked as a screenwriter, actor, copywriter, and showrunner's assistant, for studios like Disney and NBC Universal. 

Upon Graduating, Rohan worked on The Best Man:Final Chapters, Rohan was able to shadow directors like Stacey Muhammed, Malcolm D. Lee, Robert Townsend, and learned a plethora of lessons that has improved his directing style and storytelling immensely. Rohan has a great sense of building talented teams around him. For the Jordan Peele “No Drama” submission, Rohan was able to develop the script, assemble a pre-production team, produce, direct, act, and complete post in his trailer “MAKADII” for the competition on a week and half timeline.

Recently, Rohan has created an endowment at CALARTS along with CALARTS producer Alexa Orovitz. The endowment is called the Gatsby Award. The endowment is for diversity students to cover housing, meals, tuition, and class materials. So his Alma matter CALARTS attract more diverse students.

When Rohan first found out about The Monkey Paw X TIFF “No Drama” program he started writing MAKADII, a story about Zimbabwean myths, blended with his own issues of having a brother that suffers from mental illness. In two weeks, Rohan wrote the script, staffed a crew, casted, produced, directed, and acted in his own proof of concept trailer. He went from a blank page to locking picture in under 2 weeks to make the February deadline of the contest. This is a testament to Rohan’s tenacity and commitment to his art and storytelling. Makadii is a glance into a feature that Rohan is currently developing.

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